Real Estate

Too Tiny? Boston Artist Builds ‘Smallest House in the World’

Island Listing Enigma In San Francisco Bay

William Wurster Home Features Designer Dog House

What to Expect from a $7M Fixer Upper in San Francisco

A Quirky ‘Gypsy Kitchen’ Rolls into a Sausalito Home

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Mid-Century Modern Home

Hawaiian Retreat Is Like Living in a Tree House

S.F.’s Most Expensive Homes Ranked on the Shoe Index

New York Photographer Reshoots Century-Old Scenes

For Sale: NYC $114 Million Mansion Inspired by Versailles and Queens

One Woman’s Radically Simplified ‘Built-It-Myself’ Life

Architect May Have to Tear Down His Home Because It’s Too Modern


Yahoo Travel

Save a Bundle: Consignment Stores Worth Traveling For

Watch: A Time-Lapse Video Showcases California Night Sky

10 Reasons to Visit Martinique 

You Can take It With You: The Case for Overpacking

Mon Dieu: Love Locks on Paris Bridges Stir Controversy

New York: Take Your Love Locks Off the Brooklyn Bridge

How to Protect Yourself from Travel Scams

Yahoo News

A Gallery of Controversial Public Art

Home Care Workers In Wait-and-See Over  Minimum Wage

Fast Food Meets Health Food 

Authored the sixth most-shared story on Facebook for 2011

Yahoo Entertainment

Kate McKinnon’s Hilarious Impressions Make a Mark on ‘SNL’

Ben Affleck Bulks Up For Batman

#ColbertCountdown: Cooking With Feminists

Must-Watch Moments from ‘Walking Dead’ Paleyfest Panel

Katy Perry Unveils Hello Kitty Tattoo

Did Claire Danes Wear Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Gown to the Emmys? 




Special Events

Angelina Jolie’s Wild Award Seasons Past

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress a Success

Diana and Charles: A Look Back at the Wedding that Captivated the World

Oscar Night’s Most Awkward Moments

9/11 10-Year Anniversary

Architect Explains Changes to Shanksville 9/11 Memoriala

My Trip to the Twin Towers

Man on Wire Remembers Twin Towers

Yahoo Food

Sparkling Wines That Might Be Better Than Champagne 

What’s the Deal With Bomboloni

UC Berkeley The Graduate

Spring 2002 Issue

East Bay Express

Trail of Toxins — Winner: UC Berkeley School of Journalism 2001 McClatchy Prize for In-depth Reporting

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